Residents of Franklin County and the City of Pickerington can submit a request for service to report mosquito issues and request service from a field inspector. You can complete our online form or call our Mosquito Hotline at (614) 525-BITE (2483). All submissions will be processed in the order received. Our goal is to respond to reported mosquito problems or concerns within 24 to 48 hours. This may include a site visit to the location reported and/or a telephone call to try and obtain further information.  Please note that if you call our BITE line, it will be answered Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm by Clarke Mosquito Customer Care, who is our contractor. Calls made outside of those hours will be directed to leave a voicemail, which will be returned the next business day.

Not sure if you live in one of FCPH's mosquito service areas? Check the address here.

Click on Non-Participating Communities below for more information if you do not live in once of FCPH's service areas.

If you live in one of the communities listed below that does not participate in the FCPH Mosquito Management Program, please call the phone number listed for your jurisdiction:

City of Columbus: Call the City of Columbus by dialing 311 or visiting their website at

Harrisburg: (614) 877-4053

Truro Township: Administrative Offices, (614) 866-1317

Worthington: Contact the City of Columbus by dialing 311 or visiting their website at to