Mosquito Biology

Mosquito Report

2018 Mosquito Trap Data Report

Franklin County Public Health sets nearly 100 mosquito traps each week from mid-May through the end of September each year.  These traps include Gravid Traps, CDC Light Traps and BG Sentinel Traps. FCPH counts and identifies the mosquito species in each trap, and provides that information in a report.

Mosquito Trap Data

2018 West Nile Virus Summary Report

All Culex mosquitoes trapped using Gravid Traps are tested for WNV.  Mosquitoes are tested in “pools” of 50 mosquitoes or less. We have summarized the number of positive pools by each trap location throughout the year.

West Nile Virus Summary
Mosquito Summary
Mosquito Detail Report

2018 West Nile Virus Detail Report

FCPH provides a detailed WNV report of the number of positive WNV mosquito pools by location, by trap, by week.

West Nile Virus Detail

Historical Mosquito Trap Data, WNV Summary & WNV Detail Reports