Do Not Spray Request

Franklin County Public Health (FCPH) maintains a Do Not Spray registry of residents who do not want to have their property treated for adult mosquitoes through the use of truck-mounted spraying on public roadways and alleys.  FCPH will make a good faith effort to shut off truck-mounted spraying equipment within approximately 150 feet of a registered property. This registry will be rendered inactive if the Health Commissioner declares a public health emergency where treatment is indicated.  In the event of a public health emergency, FCPH will attempt to contact members of the registry prior to treatment of their property.

If you do not want your property sprayed for mosquitoes, please complete the Do Not Spray Form or call (614) 525-BITE (2483) and leave a message.

Attention Apiarists/Bee Keepers

When FCPH determines that mosquito adulticiding is necessary; this application takes place beginning at around sunset and continues for several hours. Typically, bees are less active at this time, back in their hives and would not be affected by our application. But in an effort to further protect the honey bee population, FCPH obtains a list of all currently registered apiaries in Franklin County from the Ohio Department of Agriculture and include those in our Do Not Spray registry. We make all attempts to identify registered apiaries in our participating jurisdictions. To ensure that the property where your hives are kept is not treated with pesticide, we ask that you complete and submit our Do Not Spray Form as a precautionary measure.